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Slap&Tickle - An Immersive Theatrical Experience
written by David James Parr, directed by Adam Odsess-Rubin 

Boundless Theater (A Stage Without Borders) proudly presents Slap&Tickle: an immersive theatrical experience @ The Eagle NYC by David James Parr, directed by Adam Odsess-Rubin (Artistic Director of the National Queer Theater). The show is in partnership with GMHC, the world’s first HIV/AIDS service organization. * Boundless Theater will donate $5 from every ticket sale to GMHC.

About the Show:
This landmark theatrical experience—think Sleep No More meets The Boys in the Band—is a thought-provoking, comedic & sensual exploration of how politics, drugs, HIV and social media dramatically changed the landscape for a generation of LGBTQ+ people in America who came of age in the wake of AIDS but on the cusp of GRINDR. The collective narrative is told by a spectrum of intersecting characters in the shadowy setting of a fictional NYC bathhouse.

Performed by:
Lara Americo, Juan Danner, Robert Driemeyer, Abdu Garmazi, James A. Pierce III, Chetan Rao and Matthew James Tyler. 

The Interactive Pre-Show:
This new incarnation of the show at The Eagle—one of NYC's most historical and iconic gay clubs—features an immersive twist with a surprising pre-show, a colorful celebration of life! Come have fun with our tantalizing Instagram Booth and signature SHOTS: The Slap & The Tickle! 

*A Way to Give Back to Our LGBTQIA+ Community:
With Slap&Tickle we aim to share and support GMHC's mission to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected, while also raising awareness around the topics of hate crimes and legislation against the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to donating a percentage of our ticket sales to the organization, we are also inviting GMHC's representatives to our shows to speak with our audience about their goal and mission and the provide ongoing services to the community.
For more info on GMHC please visit www.gmhc.org

Boundless Theater is simultaneously launching the social media campaigns #SlapNoMore and #UseYourHeadBeforeHeadingOut to give voice to our LGBTQIA+ community and contribute to ending acts of violence and injustice against queer people as well as inspiring the kids to have fun responsibly.
Check them out on our Instagram: @BoundlessTheater.
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Eleanor Rigby Is Waiting

Eleanor Rigby Is Waiting
24 strangers. 24 hours. 1 chance to connect.

April 19th - May 10th, 2022 
The Duplex Cabaret Theatre
61 Christopher Street (at the Corner of 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10014

The anthology play by award-winning author David James Parr is a theatrical experience featuring an evocative live music performance by singer-songwriter Hadiza Dockeray and her band. Each night the audience is invited on a unique date with surprising characters. And each night they will have 1 chance to connect with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of different strangers, played by nine versatile powerhouse actors in an interconnected portrait of love, lust, loneliness and connection in our modern world.

The show launched in April & May 2022 with 4 special Boundless Tuesdays at The Duplex off-Broadway Theatre Cabaret space in Greenwich Village, NYC’s bohemian cradle of culture, art and entertainment.