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Photo By Steven Menendez
Photo By Steven Menendez

by David James Parr, directed by Adam Odsess-Rubin 

Boundless Theater (A Stage Without Borders) proudly presents Slap&Tickle: an immersive theatrical experience @ The Eagle NYC by David James Parr, directed by Adam Odsess-Rubin (Artistic Director of the National Queer Theater). The show is in partnership with GMHC, the world’s first HIV/AIDS service organization. * Boundless Theater will donate $5 from every ticket sale to GMHC.

About the Show:
This landmark theatrical experience—think Sleep No More meets The Boys in the Band—is a thought-provoking, comedic & sensual exploration of how politics, drugs, HIV and social media dramatically changed the landscape for a generation of LGBTQ+ people in America who came of age in the wake of AIDS but on the cusp of GRINDR. The collective narrative is told by a spectrum of intersecting characters in the shadowy setting of a fictional NYC bathhouse.

Performed by:
Lara Americo, Juan Danner, Robert Driemeyer, Abdu Garmazi, James A. Pierce III, Chetan Rao and Matthew James Tyler. 

*A Way to Give Back to Our LGBTQIA+ Community:
With Slap&Tickle we aim to share and support GMHC's mission to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected, while also raising awareness around the topics of hate crimes and legislation against the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to donating a percentage of our ticket sales to the organization, we are also inviting GMHC's representatives to our shows to speak with our audience about their goal and mission and the provide ongoing services to the community.
For more info on GMHC please visit

Boundless Theater is simultaneously launching the social media campaigns #SlapNoMore and #UseYourHeadBeforeHeadingOut to give voice to our LGBTQIA+ community and contribute to ending acts of violence and injustice against queer people as well as inspiring the kids to have fun responsibly.
Check them out on our Instagram: @BoundlessTheater.
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by David James Parr, directed by Amanda Bearse

Boundless Theater joints venture with actor & producer James Wells for the production of Stranger Interludes, a new play by award-winning author David James Parr directed by Amanda Bearse (Billy Eichner’s Bros, “Married… with Children”).

The official, first industry reading will take place on Friday, November 18th at The Dramatists Guild Foundation

Featuring Alison Fraser (First Daughter Suite, The Divine Sister), Robbie Simpson (The Breakdown with Robbie podcast); Patrick Ball; Brenna PalughiJames Wells; and Joleen Wilkinson (The Path).

Casting is by Pat McCorkle, CSA.


Stranger Interludes is a contemporary dark comedy which examines issues of gender inclusivity, drug addiction, and mental health within the delicate balance of a family beset by dysfunction, upset by a series of revelations, and reset by the fateful intersection with two strangers. Borne from EVIE, a much-married would-be stage actress recently diagnosed with early dementia, and an absent father, three siblings (JESSICA, JAMIE and JAKEY) are fused by their troubled familial roots and their own secret language, wielding their secrets like weapons, using their neuroses as armor, and striving for a deeper connection which only arrives through their brush with two strangers: AUSTIN, a mutable drifter with a secret past and CHANCE, the mysterious young man whom their mother has employed to write her dubious memoirs.


Broadway Barfly


Actor, comedian and content creator Robert Driemeyer transports newfound audiences through old-school New York nightlife with his sparkling nightclub act Broadway Barfly, inspired by his YouTube channel. With a dash of wit and a twist of verve, he stirs up spirited songs and amusing anecdotes exploring the origins of classic cocktails and their connection to the Great White Way. During the show, the audience is treated to a tasting flight of tantalizing and heady concoctions. The intoxicating blend of music and mixology makes for a unique and zesty evening of elegant entertainment!

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Fully reCOOPERated



'Fully reCOOPERated' - A Brand New Musical

This exciting brand-new rock- infused musical written by Billy Swenson, with music & lyrics by Jackie Collinsand Dillan Smith, is a coming-of-age story of rebirth and resilience of our contemporary generation that looks beyond the confinements of gender and social categorizations to tell a universal story of love, friendship, self-worth and acceptance.

“Cooper, a hopeless fashion designer in his 30s living in New York, attempts to flee his toxic ex-boyfriend Miles. In pursuit of starting new and finding himself again, Cooper moves to London to attend a fashion graduate program. In an attempt to get him back, Miles eventually follows him. In a pressure cooker of a program, Cooper finds solace and strength in the comradery of some lovely and extravagant new friends that will help him ‘reCOOPERating’ his self-worth. Unbeknownst to him, he is helping them in the same way.

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“It is with great pride that I’ve joined Boundless Theater as one of their ambassadors. When I was first told of their inclusive mission and goals, of supporting new works and new artists of every origin, race, and gender, it reminded me of why I entered the Industry in the first place, and why the role of an actor is important to give voice to all different kinds of narratives and artistic expression. Let’s break down borders, and engage with our communities to bring about these boundless opportunities” - Jenn Colella




Boundless Theater (A Stage Without Borders), is an original concept created and produced by Daniela Pavan & Tommaso Cartia, founders of NYC-based storytelling platform & multimedia production boutique Creative Point-On, in collaboration with award-winning playwright David James Parr.

Our mission is to return the spotlight to the underground scene of the performing arts offering an inclusive, borderless stage where the focus is and should be on talent, welcoming artists of every race, nationality, gender identity, and age. We present exclusively curated, boutique performances from indie playwrights, actors, musicians and dancers in unconventional spaces starting from NYC’s Speakeasy-styled cabaret locations.

Marco Gallotta
Design by Marco Gallotta
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The Boundless Theater mission and narrative inspired NYC-based, International artist Marco Gallotta to create both the logo and the exclusive artwork representing the spirit of our stage without borders.

The Boundless Theater Art Cover will be unveiled and revealed to the public during the exclusive Press&VIP gala premiere of Boundless Theater in mid-January. The night will be hosted at the luxury Made in Italy atelier space LUXUNY in Bryant Park Studios.